Sunday, February 19, 2012

15 Fun Facts about my kids February 2012

This post comes out of a suggestion from my kids Kora and Korina age 17, Sarah 15, Kayla 14, Adrianne 11, Ajani 9 (only boy), Aolani 8 are growing so fast what a nice way to have a snapshot of this time.

 1) Kora thinks that we are making fun of her fun the way that she rocks and hums when she listens to music really we think it is quite entertaining and marvel at the fact that she can do it for hours.
2) Korina has the most amazing collection of art supplies and if you lose and type of writing instrument in the house chances are she has it.
3) We are all wonderfully excited that Kayla is finally embracing her family birthright as a nerd and has 1) become a fan of Star Trek and specifically Spock 2) suddenly needs to be told to stop reading and clean
4) Ajani loves all things creative, nerdy, and dealing with history so of course his newest discovery is D&D (dungeons and dragons)
5)Ajani also truly believes he's a super hero and so do I :)
6) Adrianne tells me everyday that she's growing up, its ok, and there's nothing I can do about it (wisdom).
7) Sarah has decided that she has her own style and trust me it has NOTHING to do with fashion mags.
8) I have caught my kids talking to other kids about healthy foods when they didn't know I was listening.
9) Aolani is in love with Yoda, but only as a friend.
10) I don't have to ask my kids to read they do it because they want to.
11) My kids think that organic apples are the best thing ever.
12) My kids think going to political speeches, protests, meetings, conferences, and events at the state capitol are normal.
13) Sarah has discovered Goddess based religion, Kayla is still a Baptist, I am a Buddhist diversity is alive in my children.
14) Adrianne knows how to sew, loves to do it, and is pretty good at it.
15) When I turn off the TV my kids don't pout they play games, draw, make up plays, and build stuff.
Yep they're pretty great!
 Had to add some extras
16) Adrianne wakes up at 4:30 like I do when no one else is up and we watch Dr. Who all by our selves
17)Aolani likes ANY version of Dr. Who and she and I watch old episodes no one else want to watch.
18) Kora comes in every morning and tells me everything that was on the morning news.
19) Kayla has just discovered strapless dresses, cardigans, and a strong feminist voice I love all of it!
20)Aolani likes boxers instead of undies :)

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